Third Year in Review

This year was probably the most successful year of my college career. I made huge strides in my technical knowledge and capabilities. I was put on meaningful programming projects during co-op. I took every opportunity to learn and challenge myself technically and personally. I attended hackathons to teach myself teamwork and new technologies. I took on the position of Logistics Director for the UC hackathon to practice my leadership and management skills. I made this website to teach myself web development. My hard work has really paid off and I feel much more secure in my technical and leadership capabilites now than I did a year ago. The University is starting to notice too: this year I received the Mantei/Mae Award, a scholarship given to the top ~15 students in the EECS department.

I have found my accomplishments to be very helpful in the co-op job search, and I intend to continue pushing myself to become an even stronger programmer and an even better communicator in preparation for the full-time job search. I have learned a lot about what types of programming I enjoy doing, and what I am not so fond of. I have also gotten a glimpse at just how much I have left to learn, and I plan to continue using personal projects and hackathons to get experience in these areas if classes are not an option.

This upcoming year, I will continue my work with ACM and RevolutionUC. I plan to lead the Logistics team again, and we hope to continue increasing the size of the event every year. I will start co-op with a new company and hope to prove myself as a strong developer and a good addition to their team. One thing I would like to learn this year is full-stack web development. I am comfortable now using HTML and CSS to build a static responsive website, but I don’t know anything about connecting a site to a database, using Express for routing, or really anything more than the basics. My personal projects this year are going to revolve around becoming a more capable web developer.

Overall I had a great year and I am looking forward to my upcoming semesters. I am taking a lot of interesting techincal courses and am really looking forward to my next co-op job. I think I will enjoy my classes and co-ops more and more as I become stronger technically and get increasingly challenging work.