Reading papers

Since the first research meeting, I have found some direction. I am looking at using evolutionary programming and genetic algorithms to detect malware. So far “looking at” means reading as many papers on the subject as I can find. I want to learn as much as I can about different approaches, while also making sure I’m not duplicating effort. I believe this is the same path that the graduate student that’s under the same professor as I am is taking, so hopefully I can work with him soon so I can start working on something concrete.

This approach is only one small facet of the overarching research directive. The concerning part is that now I’ve put dozens of hours into researching this approach, but we could determine at any point that this method isn’t going to work for them, and then I’ll essentially have to start over! As frustrating as that would be, as an undergraduate researcher, I do have the advantage that I’m not trying to make this into a thesis, so I might have to start over reading papers, but at least I won’t have to start over on writing my own.