First day of research

This week I had the first meeting to discuss my new research project. I am on a team of graduate and undergraduate students, professors, and Air Force employees. We are working on a grant from the Air Force to take ideas from biology about how bacteria discovers and fights viruses and apply that to computer viruses.

The first meeting was less directed than I had hoped. I am coming in at the very beginning of the project, so most of the work is still brainstorming. We spent a couple of hours discussing the Air Force’s goals for the project, as well as some basic ideas about approach. The guy leading the project said at one point that this project would be 90% thinking and 10% implementation. The goals they have set for us seem pretty broad and lofty, but I guess that is why we need to spend so much time thinking. The problems we’re looking at don’t have clear, easy solutions, or they’d be done already. So we need to come up with our own novel solutions that meet their requirements while falling within reasonable constraints. At the moment I’m at a loss of how to get started, but the professor I’m working under sent out a couple of research papers that I’ll read to hopefully get an idea of what I need to do!