Creating this website

I ran into a lot of issues creating this website and had to consult numerous tutorials to get all the details I needed so I decided to create my own tutorial! Below are the steps I followed to get this site up and running on GitHub pages.

Install Ruby

Install bundler

$ gem install bundler

Create an empty github repo titled

In your local repository, initialize the jekyll project by running

$ bundle exec jekyll new .

If you want to host your site on Github Pages Open Gemfile and delete

"jekyll", "3.3.0"

and uncomment

gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins

To use a different theme (in my example hydeout) add to Gemfile

gem "jekyll-theme-hydeout"
gem "jekyll-paginate"

In _config.yml change

theme: minima


remote_theme: fongadrew/hydeout

and add the following plugins

  - jekyll-feed
  - jekyll-paginate
  - jekyll-remote-theme
  - github-pages

On the command line install the dependencies by running

$ bundle install

Now deploy the site to localhost:4000 by running

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

If this fails, try manually installing the packages on the command line:

gem install jekyll-feed
gem install jekyll-paginate
gem install jekyll-remote-theme
gem install github-pages
gem install jekyll-theme-hydeout

To move blog posts off the Home page to a blog page: create new directory /blog/ add an index.html file in that directory with the front matter:

layout: index
title: Blog
permalink: /blog/

in _config.yml add the following lines:

paginate: 5
paginate_path: '/blog/page:num'
sidebar_blog_link: '/blog'

To create blog posts, add files to the _posts/ directory using the naming convention

To create new pages, add new markdown files to the root directory. Adding the front matter sidebar_link:true will add a link in the sidebar to the page. Adding the front matter permalink: /link/ creates a permalink to this page.